Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trip to Vivo City.

Golden Village Max theatre

Today went out with LSY and LWH to watch movie Wall-E at Vivo City Golden Village Max.

Early in the morning it was raining cats and dogs. As usual, I was the one who reached earliest. Due to the rainy weather, LSY and LWH were late by around 30 minutes. Luckily I had a place to sit down and relax with my favourite songs played in my MP3. Like as if I am on a holiday! After that we meet in the train. I was very surprised that I got the centre of the MRT very accurately to spot easily where they both were in the train.

When we reached Vivo City, the first thing we do was to get the movie tickets. Each ticket costed $8.50. Since the movie was good, the ticket was worth it's price. Actually it only cost $7.50 but I do not know why the seller gave us Golden Village Max theatre. I guess because today was the first day screening of the movie Wall-E, therefore they thought there will be a lot of people watching and hence using the Golden Village Max theatre can accomodate everyone.

But anyway I have not been to Golden Village Max before, therefore this was an eye-opening to me and also a very good experience. This is to avoid me been su-a-ku. The seating was very spacious and comfortable. Even when the movie ended, I don't feel like leaving the chair. This was one of the benefit I got from Golden Village Max. Other than that, the screen was big too. The sound effects can be better.

Before the movie we had lunch at Food Republic. It reminds me of my Sucky school Republic Polytechnic. I hate it as holiday is ending soon. The food in Food Republic was expensive and not nice too. I think the food was expensive because the decoration there was very nice. The style was ancient kind, I love the design very much, ancient style is everywhere from stores, celling, floor, tables, chairs and decorations. Most of them were made of wood which reminds me of Kampong. I really like Kampong and retro style. Whenever I visit museum, I would want to see those things that are used in a Kampong or by our past ancestors. It is very interesting to me.

After lunch, we shopped around to kill our time for the movie timing. We happened to spot CWQ. She was with three other school friends. She was sad that we did not invite her to the movie. We thought she was busy preparing for her A-Level examinations so we thought that she was busy studying or having her prelim examinations. Never did we thought that today was her last paper for prelim and she was relaxing herself after exam in Vivo City. After our movie, she meet us and we headed home together.

Overall today outing was very fun. But there was one problem.

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