Saturday, August 30, 2008

LG KF700. ♥♥♥

Oh my god, I want this phone so much! It is so nice, classy and elegant. What's more is that this phone is a touchscreen. I want to have a change in my life with more classy items. Hopefully the price will steep dramatically down when my current phone 2 years plan is over. Currently Singtel is selling it at $148 with 2 years plan. I hope it can drop to $48 with 2 years plan. Yeah! If it is still expensive, I could forge the money myself with my hard-earned money. No matter what, I want that phone desperately. :D

Let me tell you the full phone specifications then. This phone key features that interest me are:

- 3 megapixel autofocus camera: My current only has a 2 megapixel with no autofocus camera. Actually 2 megapixel is not bad but it does not have autofocus. I think with autofocus, the picture taken will be much nicer.

- 3" 262K-color TFT touchscreen display with a 240x480 pixel resolution
- Touch feedback (haptics): I have never use before a touchscreen display phone. This got to be my first experience.

- FM radio
- Stereo Bluetooth: If this phone has a radio then I don't have to lend my mp3 to my mother again. She won't have to snatch my mp3 away from me already. Plus if this phone has a stereo bluetooth, then I do not need to hand the phone to my mother afraid that she might dirty it or damage it. From what i read from the phone opinions, a lot of them say that they have dropped a lot of times but there were no scratches. It would be good for a clumsy person like me.

- Sliding hardware keypad: I am still used to the handphone keypads rather than the qwerty keypads or touch screen. Therefore this phone is very good with such a loving design for people who are used to handphone keypads.

- Google Maps pre-installed: I don't know this required any internet connection. If it does not then I would be able to get around Singapore very easily and won't get lost.

Overall the design and colour is very classy and nice. The design is smooth and shiny with reflection. The colour is black which is very poised. The screen is big for me to hold the phone like a rich people. OH MY GOD! I am so into this phone.

Hopefully I am able to get this phone one day! :D

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