Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So happening.

29August2008, Friday
I went out with Mumtaz to collect out items that we ordered from blogshop. The items were in good quality and I am very satisfied with it. When we were soon reaching Ang Mo Kio Hub in the bus 22, we saw Mr Singh crossing the road and heading toward Ang Mo Kio Hub. We were so afraid that we would met him and give us some sarcastic remarks. Therefore when we reached Ang Mo Kio Hub, we quickly went to hide a while in the toilet. After that we went to have prata for lunch. We waited a long time for the prataman because he was out for lunch. After that we went shopping around and we each brought a necklace. She bought a rose necklace and i bought a mickey mouse necklace.

31August2008, Sunday
I went to West Coast Park to collect the PCF study award certificate from the Prime Minister, Lee Hsein Loong. Only had a quick hand shake and a school group photograph taken with him after standing so long under the sun waiting for him. What a waste of my time. My parent got very kiasu over him and I am feeling quite embarassed standing with them.
Later in the evening, we went to Chinatown for lunch and we saw the President, SR Nathan. He was the guest of honour for the Mid Autumn Festival light opening ceremony. Guess who I saw! I saw the handsome and cool stage director ChenZhiWei. He is so proactive, even this activity he also participate in. I saw he was helping out for the lion dance club. Oh my god, how can he be so charming? HEHs.
I am so lucky and fortunate on that day for seeing two important person of Singapore.

Yesterday I went out with LSY and her elder sister to watch movie, 4bia at Downtown East Cathy cinema. It was my first time being to Downtown East newly opened shopping mall. Most of the facilities inside were for kids.
The movie was very scary but it was worth the price because in one go it consist of four scary movie. Yesterday night, it left me hard to fall asleep because the eerie movie scene kept recalling in my mind.

Next movie that I wanted to watch badly is 12 Lotus, I don't know wheather to watch it free online or watch it in cinema alone???

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