Friday, September 05, 2008

2 BORING Starting School Day of Semester 2.

My school just started yesterday after a three week holiday vacation. I am very reluctant to come to school. I was tempted to skip school but I did not because I knew that it was too early to skip school at this point of time. I have foolishly waste my leaves without carefully planning and ended up addicted to skipping.

Finally I have entered a class that I wanted. It was the skipping class. Yesterday two of my teammates left halfway through the lesson. Today was more terrible, only 16 people turn up for class. Somehow I like the class to be this way. This will result in early release from lesson so that I have got time to finish my homework in school and I can have more time in the night to do my advertising job as well as enjoy myself. Hopefully it could stay this way until the last 2 weeks of lesson.

Somehow I am not tempted to skip lesson when almost the whole class is skipping. I tend to do things opposite than others. Therefore hopefully I could maintain this attitude and do not skip school for this whole of 7 weeks before a 1 week holiday come. Also hopefully I could get more As for this semester and which a better GPA.

This two days, the lesson was quite easy and interesting so I could still cope with it. I wonder how hard can the future topics be? I am sure that it will be rather difficult. Jia you anyway!

Well, yesterday evening, LSY gave me a false alarm. She said that her Applied Chemistry 2 module facilitator is from Turkey named Erkan. I thought it was my Year 1 Semester 2 Science facilitator. In the end, it was not. If it was, I was wondering why is she so lucky. In the end, the facilitator name is called Erhan. I wonder if most Turkey people name start with 'Er'? :D

She is having his lesson today. She and her classmates seem to have some dislikes with this facilitator. Foreigners are never easy to handle. Hopefully this semester, all my facilitators can help me speak up more and won't make me feel uncomfortable when speaking up.

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