Sunday, September 07, 2008

COME BACK, Clean and Green Singapore!

See see see! This is my block void deck. It was always so dirty all because of the foreigner workers that camped around at night after work with their friends for entertainment. Don't they have a place to stay, they could choose their own place to camp.

Actually I don't really mind if they camped downstair, the problem is they don't bothered to clear away their litter before they leave the place. Their litter sometimes contain dangerous items like broken glass beer bottle that might hurt people foot, food litter that might attract pets and causing bacteria growth and affect the health of the residents. As you can see the last picture shows that the birds were feeding on to the food.

Actually these pictures were taken long ago but till now the place have not improve any better. One day if it really get out of hand, I shall lodge a complaint to the town council to ban any foreigners sitting below any block void deck and to have heavy fine on those who litter even a small piece of paper or spit their saliva on the grass. All this people must be punished to retain the past clean and green singapore. If I am the relevant authorities, I would send strict and heavy patrol around the area until the condition improve.

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