Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boys over flowers (Hanadan) Movie.

Just now, I went to watch this movie 'Boys over flowers (Hanadan)' with Diyana, Christine, Jinxuan and LSY. The whole movie from starting to ending was very nice and the whole movie was worth the price. I have watched the drama too but only first part. The second part was boring and hence I stop there.

I think this movie would be nicely if it is in chinese and replace the character to the chinese F4 because I don't find the Japanese F4 guys handsome. They could do a Korean version too because most Korean guys are handsome to me.

I like how Domouji mother dress and behave, it look elegant and rich which is just like my style. On her, from top to bottom, it was branded and a lot of sparkle. Just the way I want to be in future when I am a Tai Tai.

The wedding was also awesome, with the beautiful gold lighting, the pink flower petals dropping from the sky, the red carpet and the guests were all dressed glamorously. I wonder in future will I be able to become a rich person or getting married to an extremely rich person.

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