Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy go extremely Lucky today.

I want this Topaz necklace because it is my lucky gemstone. :)

Today I considered that I am having good luck except for the scary spider encounter. In the morning, even when I leave the house very late, the bus came immediately when I reached the busstop. If it did not, I would be late for the day and to be downgraded by 0.5 point. That is really upsetting for me.

Then when I boarded the bus, I sat at the one-seater place which was in front of the television. After a while, I discovered that there was an extremely big and brown disgusting spider on the poster. It was moving and trying to decide which direction to go.

Since young, I was very afraid of spider. I have a serious phobia for spider. When i saw a spider for the day, I would still be scared, having goosebumps as well as having a sensitive feeling that the spider has crawled onto my body even if the spider is dead in front of me. Even picture of spider, I would also be freak out as if I am watching a horror movie.

There was once, when my house floor got a black spider, I attempted to kill it by using a bamboo stick which was long enough to allow myself to have the time to react when it crawled toward me. It would also took a longer time to crawl toward me. That is how afraid I am when I see a spider.

I imagined that if the spider suddenly jump onto me, I would scream and alight the bus and run as far as possible.

Enough of this disgusting and irritating freak creature.

I was also considered lucky in class because my teammates were present and all were friendly people plus they are cooperative and that made me feel more comfortable in the team. This was the best team that I ever had among the three days. Until today, I think I am feeling more and more comfortable in the class since very few people turned up each day. Hope it remains like this forever and hope LSY class could always be release the same time as my class.

Jia you and hope I always get lucky all the time.

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