Saturday, November 22, 2008

CZW with glasses.

Finally after so long, I get to see him again. I miss his handsome face. Today, he never make me dissappointed with his look. He wore a white shirt and a white spec. The spec make him look so decent but yet handsome.

I wonder will my boyfriend be as handsome and cool as him? Leo are my most compatible horoscope and most of the Leo I saw were so handsome. Eg. G-dragon, Kim Kibum.

Throughout the whole getai, I keep sitting upright just to see CZW. I need to sit up straight until my back hurt. But I think it was worth it. Unfortunately, he never get to see me closely and we can't have eye contact. And lastly, I also didn't get to see and take a picture of his car.

I will do it next time! :)

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