Saturday, November 22, 2008

Neverfull bag.

Just now went to shopping at TM with Mum. Finally I got to buy the Neverfull bag. I am so happy. Even though it is not LV. Even if it is from LV, I also don't want to buy because there were so many people carrying the pirated one. Even if I carry the authetic one, those who are low class will thought that I am carrying the non-authetic one. =.= This will waste my effort of showing off.

Now I have got this authetic neverfull bag from Charles and Keith. They copy the design from LV but the skin they use is their own idea. They use fake plastic skin instead of animal skin. The skin pattern somehow looks like my favourite animal crocodile. I am so going to show off this bags to my closer friend especially LSY. She is so immature and by showing her this bag, she gonna be a bit envy in her heart. Hehs.

In future when I have got the money, I will buy branded one. I am so into branded stuff. :)

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