Friday, November 21, 2008


Omg omg omg, I can't believe I am so lucky to see him on the road. No la, actually he is in his car. First I recognised his very choi grey car then I double check by trying to peek inside the half black window. I think it was him and I can see that he is wearing sunglasses. Omg. I hope to see him everyday and more often... only if he is my brother. :)

He was just too handsome for my eye. I can't resist his handsome and keep wanting to see more. Tomorrow is LinLi 49 days concert. There will be a high chances of seeing him again. Yeah, yeah yeah... I am so excited! Other than that, I also have a very important mission. I need to take pictures of CZW car. That car is damn choi and I have to show it to my friends. Omg omg omg, I am just too EXCITED!!!

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