Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Outing with WanNing - 19Nov

The christmas tree we see at TM. I purposely take it with sepia mode to give it a golden feel.

Today was a great outing with WanNing.

Last time after we graduated from SPF, I thought she changed and I started to dislike her. But now she woke up from her friends influence and our friendship became stronger.

We meet at Tampines interchange; small mac and then she acompanied me to bank to cheque in. Then we went Century Square food court for lunch. We had salmon pepper meal. It was very nice and I am going to introduce this to my Mum since she like hot food. It was not too hot but well I am very sure that my Mum will love it. Because she is my Mum! Hehs. Even though it is nice but I did not finished it because I had a late breakfast and so I am rather full to have an early lunch.

After that we went shopping around at those fanciful shop in CS and TM for my mini gold christmas tree. No luck for that. :( We later went Ikea and also no luck for it. But I managed to find the foldable shoe rack ($12) as well as storage for my bags ($25).

After that I went to WanNing new house. It was very nice and with good designs. I like her whiteboard on her study table, her no under space bed, her half transparent window, the space below her window, her condo like bathroom, her tailored cupboard and etc. I can just say her family had got a very good architecture.

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