Friday, March 20, 2009

Class listing is out finally~

I am so happy that I can change classes three days. Should make it all four days. :| Everyday I will be in the same class with more than 2 friends.

Day 1 - Histopathology and Cytology (A352) @ E66J
Friends: Shuewei, Jason, Hongyew, Ekin, Hafiz, Zahiah, Sharmili
All last semester classmates except Sharmili.
Sharmili Y2S1. Glad to be in the same class with her twice.

Day 2 - Genomics (A322) @ E65Q
Friends: Limin and Liyana
Limin Y2S1 and Liyana Y1S2

Day 3 - Medical Microbiology (A351) @ E66J
Friends: Arfra, Jiaying, Hafiz, Siti, Sharmili
Same classroom as Day 1 but I guess a lot of different faces.
Arfra is my last semester classmate as well as my FYP teammate.
Jiaying Y2S1, Y2S2 - 3 times same class with her but she always never come, if not I can be best friend with her.
Hafiz and Siti last semester classmates.
Sharmili Y2S1. Yeah! Same class again!

Day 4 - Laboratory Management (A301) @ W56R
Friends: Jieqin, Yongzhen, Nisha, Haidir, Atikah
Jieqin is christine friend.
Yongzhen secondary school friend.
Nisha, Hiadir lasts semester, Atikah Y2S1 and I hate her!

I am more than happy with this class listing this time, finally I can have a taste of thinking which class I am going each day and what if I forgot my class and.... hahahhahah~ Will be a sotong floating around next semester. :)

This semester, I am also going to make 81 more new friends. Will my msn burst? HAHHAAH~

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