Friday, March 20, 2009

Flyers distribution.

Today I got WN to help me distribute the flyers. It is a really tiring job but yet very fun. Now I believe my Mum that distributing flyers is a tough job. But to think it in a good way, distributing flyers can help me to lose some useless fats. I have not exercise for years. I miss the 2.4km run in secondary school. After the run, I like how the sweat dripping down from my face. It feels like all the bad substances in my body was released through the sweat.

In future, WN and me are willing to accept letterbox flyers distribution job. Therefore if anyone has such job, please look for us. I find that I can distribute letterbox flyers really fast. Don't believe?, go ask WN or hire me to witness it. :p

Earlier on WN discovered a very interesting scene; red, yellow and green car of the similar type park next to each other. Then she go take a photo of it. +.=

We also saw a fat pigeon standing in a pool of puddle. At the same time, a cat was trying to pounce onto it but I predict it failed and I am right. Every time I see such act from the cat, I can straight away predict that it will fail. Stupid cat, even if the cat managed to catch it, I think it will have difficulties trying to kill the big fat pigeon. The cat was like only twice the size of pigeon: the cat was so skinny and thin.

After all the distributions, we were so tired and sweaty. Next time we will do letterbox distribution instead of walking around to paste at the pillars.

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