Saturday, March 21, 2009

Singaporeans, PLEASE practice Courtesy and Good Mannerism.

Recently I find Singaporeans had really bad manners. Is it because of Cheena people influences? I saw a lot of unglam acts by Cheena people( not applicable to Cheena students). Mostly are those who come here to earn our money!

In MRT, they block the way of people alighting! never give up seats to needy people! somemore still act sleepy and doze off! any o how throw litters like cleaners should clean up for them! never say thank you or please when they should! never respect people property!

My family had once rented a room to Cheena people, they just our things as if it was their! never ask our permission and never say thank you when used! ask got used anot but don't dare admit! RAWR!

One set a good example and everyone will follow. One set a bad example and everyone will follow too.

In our day to day dealings, we should practice good Mannerism and Adequate courtesy and rules of a good civilized society.

For example
(a) Use the words ‘THANKS YOU’ and ‘PLEASE’ generously.
(b) Stand up when greeting and receiving an elderly visitor.
(c) Return all things in time you borrow.
(d) Avoid sarcastic remarks.
(e) Keep secrets up to you. Resist temptation to leak them. Think twice before divulging a secret to you close friend.
(f) Remember people’s names who remain around you.
(g) Respect privacy; knock before you enter a room.
(h) Resist temptation to interrupt people in the middle. While speaking whether you agree or disagree with them. Listen fully and attentively whether you know that thing already or not. Speak at your turn only.
(i) Learn to disagree without irritability.
(j) Be punctual and conduct meeting in time regardless of who is missing.
(k) Resist telling people how something should be done unless asked for.
(l) Keep your promises and words.
(m) Don’t discuss business in streets.
(n) Praise in public, criticize in private.
(o) Never hesitate to use the phrases’ I am sorry’ or’ I did a mistake’. Or’ I need help’ or’ I don’t know’.
(p) Lean to show cheerfulness even when you don’t feel like this.
(q) Spend less time in worrying who is right or wrong and more time in deciding what’s right
(r) Never tell anyone that he looks tired depressed or diseased.
(s) Be grateful and obliged for any help done by anybody.
(t) Return borrowed vehicle with patrol tank full.
(u) Don’t discuss salaries.
(v) Arrive at the work early and stay beyond quitting time.
(w) Leave everything a little better then you found it.
(x) Reserve some time exclusively for your family and show them with your words and actions that how much you love them and how much they mean to you
(y) When tempted to criticize, hold your tongue.
(z) Hear both sides before judging.

All these seemingly LITTLE THING, leave a GREAT IMPACT on you and others.


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