Saturday, April 04, 2009

In between March and April.

Monday 30 March 2009
Meet M at Tampines interchange and I was super late! SORRY~
Took 72 to Yio Chu Kang. Saw dead dog.
Took train to Marsilling.
Take 913 to extreme Woodland. A bit dumb~
If I were to plan the road: 168 to Woodland, 913... to extreme Woodland.
Saw a lady keep clapping her hand rythmically. Exercise or crazy? Her grand-daughter was beside her and if she want to exercise, jolly well face her grand-daughter and don't make it look like she was crazy. So many people was looking at her and don't she feel embarassed? We were like looking carefully for places and she made us lose focus.
Accompany M to buy jean. I want to buy too but not enough cash on hand and they don't accept card.
Extreme Woodland smell and behave like Malaysia.
I don't feel really comfortable there maybe because too used to clean and nice places.
Went back to Tampines using the correct route.
Saw a kid crying as she lose her parent and don't know how to go home.
Then M was like giving me compliments/or watsoever that whenever she was with me, there was always nonsense happening; quarelling, fighting, crying, death, embarassment, funny stuff and etc....
Today super powereful because got 3 nonsence happenings. HAHAHHAHAHH~
Shopped around and went home.
I wasted my money on glittery paper~ I am too obessed with shiny things and never consider that my money is running out~ :(

Tuesday 31 March 2009
WN accompanied me to cut hair.
I super love going Snip Avenue - Tampines Branch to do my hair.
My dresser was good at massage head, washing hair and the product they used smell nice.
Now I don't feel like washing my hair. How I wish she is my maid that she can wash my hair for me.
Went to shop at Bugis.
Ate cheese fries and it was super expensive and now I am almost broke. RAWR~
The older the guys get, the more pervertic they are! G-Dragon will never be like them~! :)

Wednesday 1 April 2009
Happy April Fool Day.
Accompanied WN to Vivo city.
Walk walk, Play play, Eat eat, See see, Sit sit.
Went to Pet safari and I fall in love with the super black hamsters. They are so like moving charcoal. Super cute and I feel like buying and call it charcoal, coco or cocoa.
Went to Candy Empire but can't buy because no money. I feel like eating chocolate because so long never eat due to sensitive to them~ Even though I told my friend I hate chocolate but actually I super love it. I love and hate chocolate~
WN wil be flying to HK soon~ Bon Voyage~
When can I go Korea??? When can I see G-Dragon and Se7en? I only get to dream about them only... Better than nothing~ XD
He come and go just like that! A bit sad!

Thurday 2 April 2009
WN is probably now at HK le. Hopefully she can manage to help me buy cheap handphone strap as well as local delicacies. Yeah~ Looking forward to her return!
When can I go Korea lei??? I want to go see Korea concert~
Later will be going to tutoring~ :)
My student love to draw! I love to draw rubbish too!
Tomorrow will be going to get my jeans at where Mmum get~ Yuhoo~

Friday 3 April 2009
Meet Mmum at Woodland interchange.
Sorry for been super late because of the bloody sucky timing of bus 58 and 168.
Take bus to extreme Woodland and found that it renovating! RAWR~
Go back to shop a while at Causeway point.
Head to Bugis to shop and dine.
Head home beat.
Mmum was glad that today no nonsence happened. HAHHAHAHA~
At night went to play see-saw with Mummy. We love to play~

Saturday 4 April 2009
My whole family went tomb sweeping. The wheather was super hot but everything was smooth, from bus to looking for places to give offering.
Recently I kept seeing chameleon. Is something good going to happen to me? My Mum say it was very hard to spot them because they camouflage really well and somemore I am able to see it so many times a week. They were cute~ Iguanas were cute too~

Sunday 5 April 2009
My whole family went to Soka to give offering to the ancestors and descendants.
We were lucky to reach home before it started to rain heavily. The thunders were loud and scary as if they would strike break my window. But I will still love rainy day with thunders.
Tomorrow have to return to school for laboratory work early in the morning. Sian-ness~

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