Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy, sha la la~

Today I was almost late for Psychology class again. Last week, I was super late for her class and hence I choosed to skip the class. I don't know why that I am always late for her class? Should I blame the careless drivers that caused the accident at the highway at that particular time and on Tuesday. Please for goodness sake, happen all those at other weekdays other than Tuesday can? Frustrated!

I am so afraid of being late for her lesson because she might call me to write fmt on board. My hearing is so bad, it is so embarassing to keep on 'HUH? HUH? HUH?' at my classmates. She also loves to ask latecomers to read the problem statement. I am not the last one to enter the class and yet she kept calling me to read the problem statement. Today is believed to be my 3rd or 4th times out of 6th lessons already. Who knows, maybe she loves my reading. Today problem statement was so long, the length of a newspaper article. Luckily I completed it with satisfaction.

I kind of like today facilitator for going 'mmm', 'ya', 'uhm huh', 'good', 'correct',... for every sentence that you said. When she did that, I knew that my point was right and hence it really boosts my confidence. Should I learn from her? All along, I always nod head when agreeing but I don't do that even if I don't agree at all. She will do that and then after you have finished what you have to say, she will then politely gives her point of view without showing disagreement with your point. I can really say she is an excellent communicator.

He and he were suspicious, I tried to like she but after so long I really can't. Instead I begun to hate her. I really have to stop sterotyping and judging people. I got reprimanded for sterotyping today for something silly. HAHHAHAH!

I almost got a heart attack for UT. I pluck off my adapter to overcharge my super short life battery. I promised to pluck it back when UT start but I forgotten and halfway throught the UT, the system standby and luckily I only had to wait for a bloody long 3 minutes to resume the system. Luckily it had recovery system as I had opened numerous windows on my taskbar. If not I had to reopen all the windows and waste a great deal of time once again. But I am quite super, despite wasting a some precious time and decreased confidence, I still can finish it before the expected time with extra time left for checking and further more with quality answer. Woah, so satisfied!

But still it was very risky to remove my adapter. Never will I dare to remove it again.

On the way home, I had a heart to heart talk with SY. I feel that my future is still very blur. At first I thought I had made my decision and stay firm to it. But on the way, my external factors interupted my decision and there left me dropping from something to 0 again.

I am starting to have deep affection for conditioning. It is so useful and can apply in a lot of situation. Nice.

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