Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sagittarius: Non-Challenging Energies
Frank, Enthusiastic, Stimulating, Optimistic, Generous, Candid, Impulsive, Open and Honest, Fair, Eager, Sensual, Carefree, Sincere, Good-Judgement, Adventurous, Positive Thinker, Desired by Everyone.

Sagittarius: Challenging Energies
Irresponsible, Careless, Frivolous, Blindly Optimistic, Aloof, Blunt, Rigid, Overly Critical, Impatient, Over-confident, Boastful, Demanding, Domineering, Tactless, Unrealistic, Restless, Outspoken

Quite true for 99.99% of them. HAHAHHA! I admit to everything, I don't want to protest anyhow to my traits. ;P

Seed thought for Sagittarius:
I see the goal. I reach the goal and see another.

How nice it sounds~

Being frank is my positive trait as well as my negative trait: blunt. WTH! Since straightword is my trait already, I don't think I am able to change it. I tried but I can't because I don't which are sensitive to others and which are not. In addition, I think that in order to consider other people feeling and end up twisting away from the truth is so fake. Truth afterall is the truth, why must twist it to make the person feel better when in fact you think of the person badly. Why must be so tiring to think up of someone pleasant to cover the truth. How tiring is that!

Thinking of tiring, want sagittarius to be a nice person is so hard. We need to think before speaking, afraiding that we might say something wrong. We need to feel worried that what we said is it correct or wrong or it is already wrong right from the start. It is so upsetting when we heard others saying we are not been sensitive to them and in actual fact we didn't even know how we did that. How tiring is it for us to open our mouth and talk. For me, I think I might as well shut my mouth and don't speak at all.

Sometimes I don't know why some people like to please other? For the sake of getting others attention? After the attention, what's next? Fame? Wealth? Love from others? And then, how long it will lasts? It really differ from person to person. But I know that for myself, pleasing others is equal to upsetting myself. That's it, the art of life.

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