Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have been attending funerals at least once every week. But of the person is different. How can a person dead body which is only coated with formalin be put so long? It will confirm decay and vanished. Now that I am older, I am allowed to walk to the coffin and see the decreased. Most of the times, my Mum don't allowed me to do so. After seeing, my thought is OIC. HAHHAHAHs. Nothing scary actually, just that the face is very pale, as white as a sheet, but must be very respectful toward it when seeing it.

Report really makes me go crazy. Deadline is coming soon, after finishing my introduction, I had a terribily long stop from it. I am aware that not much time is left, I am aware that I need to do it if not I will be a failure, I am aware that if I don't do it, I will be stressed out and panic. But still with so much awareness, my motivation bug just don't seems to be aware. How can I allowed myself to take such a long break. OMG. Please motivate me to continue. But one good thing is that, once I get started to continue, I couldn't stop. Hopefully I will stop my report when I actually reached referances. WUUU! How great can that be? HOHOHO!

Last semester is coming to an end real soon. Many don't bear to end it but for me, I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO END RIGHT THIS SECOND! I can't wait to leave PBL RIGHT NOW! ARGHHHH AHHHHH!

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