Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stop comparing!

Why parents always like to compare me with other child? They always say why I am not like the other child? Why I don't do it like the other child? Blah blah blah. As they said already, that person was the other child. The other means not the same as me. So that means different mind, different thinking, different perspective on the same thing. Therefore cannot be compared. The other person want to do it then do it, I don't want to do it cause I got my own thinking about it. Why must we be the same?

Not only parents compared, I realised some of my friends exclude those that are super good friends with me. They never compared me before. Those not so close friends meaning they don't know me well enough also like to assume who I am. The most common is that all girls liking are alike. Most of the girls love chocolate, love roses, love pink, love to behave like this and like that. Others always assume I fall in the most category, in fact I fall in the least category. If you go on assuming, then why the hell say most girls, you can might as well say all girls are the same.

Therefore those who loves to compare and assume, STOP IT! You are getting on my nerve and you are pure irritating. I don't hate you for doing it but I will remember it and shoot you back when I got the opportunities. WAHAHAH!

Another thing is the word hurt. By saying you hurt me, meaning you dislike me. If I didn't really hurt you, please don't say I hurt you. When I heard that I am so upset because I feel like being accused for something that I have not done. Baffling!!! Since I you say I hurted you, but I didn't do it so let me fulfilled it for you so that the accussation is more worth it.

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