Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Can't wait to rise.

Some people are really full of surprises. I don't know what got into them and changed them so much. Actually I don't think they changed, by right I should say that their tails start to show themselves. I know I shouldn't care so I didn't care about it. However in my mind, I imagine what if this happened to my workers and how should I deal with them. As times passed, I realised what is so called the perfect leader. She offered her herself to help us complete some of our humble tasks and helped out whenever she can. She also won't mix bias thoughts into her judgement. She is too good for me not to admire and respect her. She is so unlike the junior learner which is really disappointing me now and then.

That is why when all this are going on, I can't wait to quickly finish my 1 year or maybe after my degree before I advanced upwards. I can't wait to utilize my capability and contribute to the society before I starts to fulfill my passion.

Mmmm...~ Tomorrow is Hari Raya Eve, I smell the strong delicious aroma of curry in this late hour of 11+pm. Just when it was soon time for me to turn in, all of a sudden, the smell makes me hungry. Further more, the TV flashed new flavours mooncakes and the bright, attractive, striking PURPLE color mooncakes caught my attention. Yam mooncake is what I love to eat every year and the new flavour purple sweet potatoe mooncake is invented. The color already made it really delicious. Omg omg!!!

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