Friday, September 03, 2010

How I wish I could CONTROL.

Managing one person is not easy.
Managing a group is hard.
Managing a big organization is so much harder.
In fact, I see the directors struggling.
More new group opening and I don't think they should implement high standard at the beginning and scare off new comers.
Can't the management just be more flexible and loosen some standard.
Some standards are just not the core factor of a successful organization.
How I wish they could go back to the past and think about Mr Tan rational; helping the poor.
But now, how come I feel like we are not helping the poor but pleasing them.
I don't like to be ordered by someone to do what I don't like.
I would feel unhappy and spread the unhappiness.
I strongly believe this applies for everyone.
To make the cilents happy, first you have to make your staff happy.
Many came in and left shortly. Reason being, they are unhappy.
When a staff is happy, no matter how attractive others opportunities are, she will give up for the sake of happiness.
Since unhappiness or happiness is contagious, I don't see why they can't make a wiser decision to handle situation instead of worsen the situation by tightening the standards.
Please meet our needs instead of meeting your dead inflexible standards.
They should amend the standards to suit the people with modern and rebellious thoughts.

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