Saturday, October 16, 2010

Festival of the Nine Emperor Gods.

I had a hard day today cause I am sweating non-stop today. I think I am back to my dark dark skin since I am under the hot sun for so long. :S

Today I finally get my first chance to send the god off to beach. I wish to follow along next time with a super good camera because some of the sedan are so nice. :D

@ Ubi
 The crowd.

 Only yellow sedans.

 The event. I saw a lot of Caucasians and photographers.

 I love how the other vehicles let way to this event and at the same time feeling curious and irritated. LOL!

 The entering of the deities into ECP beach.

 The boat that was waiting to send the deities off. It looked so cute with the bamboo tree on it.

 Boat reaching near to fetch the deities.

 The boat of flowers and joss sticks are going along with the boat of deities.

 Off they went, throwing the papers. How they going to clear the beach? :S

@ Eunos
 The creatively decorated NINE deities. Not only does they have light effect, they also have sound effect. These sedans must be real expensive. No wonder every year they looked the same, because they had been recycling them.

 Nicely decorated surroundings.

 A very tall holy yellow tree.

 One of my favourite black sedan. They move too fast for my phone to focus.

 The lightings at the top of the stage are like concert lightings. They were changing colors every few seconds.

 See the crowd!!!

 One of my favourite gold sedan.

 A very long vehicle moving out of the narrow road in cold sweat. The traffic polices and usher were shouting at the road-siders to MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!
 Ooops... I love how the other vehicles are willing to wait and let way for the deities vehicles to move out first. They maintain social order because traffic polices were there. Singaporeans are not so nice.
I love the prescence of the traffic polices. The more the merrier. It is best if they could put on the sound and light siren. They did anyway and it was loud. Just like what the patient feedback to us, THE LOUD SOUND SCARE THE LIFE OUT OF ME. HAHHHAH!

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