Saturday, July 30, 2011

110717 - Malacca trip Part 1

110717 - Malacca trip Part 2

Sitting near to the back of the bus. Our bus number 6 is really blue-ry.

Lots of buses waiting to head to Malaysia.

There is seriously lot of clouds above us...

Our bus. This was taken after we had our breakfast in one of the restaurant.

Spotted a raw meat seller posing towards us. So cute.

In the bird nest factory. Workers are cleaning the bird nest for sale.

This corridor is filled with bird nest on the celling and bird nest audio playing to let the audience have an semi real life experience.

This is good for practicing fire drill. LOL! You have all the equipments here to practice PASS AND PORTS. LOL!

Lots of big buses and people outside bird nest factory.

Big, successful companies alway have this kind of huge crystal light hanging on the celling of the entrance. This is part of the fengshui.

If you look closely, you can spot some don't know is it man-made bird nest on the celling.

The company name board.

Nice sky.

All 10 buses leaving to the next stop.

Next stop is the Bee World Farm.

Enthusiatics people unlike me seek for opportunities to take pictures with him.

Everybody gathered around little tables for free durians buffet. This is basically our durian lunch.

The old kampung house nearby.

Non-poisonous bees all around us.

I know this is hard to see clearly but.... try your best... to imagine...

Free fresh honey for tasting.

Bees hives. Lot of mini bees flying around but hard to be seen in this picture.

The greenery surrounding.

The place we had our durian.

We reached Malacca. Actually there is nothing much in Malacca. At least nothing interest me. It may be that the schedule is too rush that we had no time to explore ourselves. It could be time to plan bagpack trip and venture around the whole earth.

Lots of student came for learning trip.

I don't like the crowd, they spoilt my pictures. Might as well this can be used as a Primary and Secondary school oral examination.

Preparing to climb up.

Breathlessness stairs.

The view on top.

Don't know what is this and don't want to know it. I prefer something moving like Crocodile or Dragon locked in it.

The sea view.

Fire engine.

The so call pronouced 'Starhub'.

Inside is really beautiful~

Castle-like huge heavy door.


I really don't know what is this for.

Our hotel card.

Beautiful view from our room window.

Other's room view.

I love this seaview, can see sunrise in the morning. Ouwh~~~

Nice crystal light. I want one in my future house.

 Bus aircon spoilt, change to this reddish blue. I like it during night time when the lightings are on.

Tour guide say this lighting are pretty.

Very huge pasar malam. I prefer Singapore.

Night view through our hotel room window. Haiya, the window had too much reflection, can't capture much. I think Singapore night view is so much better. I prefer it to have lots of cars and headlights around the whole city.

Last look of the night. Good night Malacca.

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