Thursday, August 04, 2011

110718 - Malacca trip Part 2

110717 - Malacca trip Part 1

At around 6am plus early in the morning. The reflection caused this poor picture. This view is actually super nice in reality.

After breakfast, we went to the swimming pool to chill and saw lot of swallows flying above us. The sky is magically blue and beautiful.

The surrounding with lots of striped clouds.

If only we had more time and had swimming suit with us, we would have went swimming and relaxing all day long.

We are staying at 19th floor.

This picture look like the sun had set.

The bed we are chilling at. You can pull up the shelter when the sun is hot.

The brighter side.

Last few shots before checking out the room.

The sun with lot of clouds.

Our room.

The doorway. We found all sort of religion books in the clothing cupboard.

The typical hotel toilet.

My buddy packing.

Everybody gathered at the hall for checking out. Mr Zainual is somewhere nearby.

Next stop at one of the local wholesale factory.

Mr Tan and Mr Zainual welcomed by crowded lion dance. I cannot stand loud lion dances.

Posing for pictures. Don't know why is he laughing so happily. HAHAH!

Lot of coconut husks. Money money money~

Next stop at Rong Cheng famous pastries shop. This is specially designed for newly wed.

Lover tree.

Very dreamy fairytale.

Some people sun the banana to enjoy hot ripe banana snacks.

Lunch. Malaysia restaurant is always decorated with wedding concept. Malaysia restaurants are all wedding-ready.

Mr Zainual celebrating a young boy birthday.

Next stop at Herbs, Vegetables and Pets farm - ZenXin Organic Park.

Vineyards or whatever you call it.

Their land is real huge.

I think this picture is too by Yun and I don't why she like this view and wish to capture it.

The path of herbs garden.

Tiny Quails.

They move in a gang. So cute to see them walking around.

Fluffy rabbits.

In the bus, on the way for Dinner.

Time for Dinner. This table is where Mr Zainual was sitting but he was nowhere to be seen.

Lastly, him giving a happy dinner speech.

I really want to start my traveling journey to further countries.

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