Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taiwan Aug 2015 - 22 Aug - Day 6

Day 6. 
Because yesterday when we reached, it was already night time. Didn't know it has such a beautiful view! And the minsu cat came to greet us good morning. So cute and friendly cat~ Love Taiwan cats~ 

Yesterday, we saw this white sofa and thought it was also the body of the white dog. HAHAHHAH! The disadvantage of this minsu is we had to carry our luggage up and down the slope. Where is my man?

Bottom right, the white bear we saw yesterday sitting on the sofa~ HAHAHAH!

Super delicious breakfast from the minsu and by the super beautiful and pretty view! Super relaxing!
Really wish to stone the whole day sitting there, drinking tea and chilling life away~

And the white rabbits there are so cute~~~

First stop to Cing jing grassland 青青草原.
Admission fee is required here.

Sheep show~

Cute sheep roaming freely around you.
Super love the green green grass and misty weather there. So cooling and relaxing there~

The white peach there are super huge, juicy and sweet. The black pork sausage is super delicious too. Both of these are a must buy there! Bought some back our Airbnb to snack on~ Because the peach are really soft, so need place them carefully in the car.

Second place to Swiss garden 小瑞士花園 and Cardboard king 紙箱王.
Nothing much here so I think we can actually skip this place.
Admission fee is required to enter the garden.

Had some light snacks from 7-11 before we head to next destination.
Finally had the chance to eat pig blood cube. Since it is banned in SG, I really miss this taste super a lot. XD

Third stop to 18 degree chocolate factory 18度c巧克力工房.
This is a must go place to try out their ice cream and chocolate. Super delicious~
The yellow one which is passion fruit flavour is super nice! I think I paired it with rose lychee flavour. I think it will best match with some dark chocolate because of the passion fruit sour taste. Yum yum~

Fourth stop to Rainbow village 台中彩虹村眷村.
The best part is there are people living in these houses~

This man is really very enthusiastic, lively and high nah. We are a little afraid of him but driver force us to take photo with him. Cold sweat.

Fifth stop to our Mickey mouse theme Airbnb.
Rested awhile before we head down to Feng jia night market 逢甲夜市 for dinner.

Sixth stop to Feng jia night market 逢甲夜市 for dinner.

Tried smelly toufu and octopus here. Both are so-so only. Nothing special and attractive about them.

That's all for day 6~ Good night~

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