Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taiwan Aug 2015 - 23 Aug - Day 7

Day 7. 

First stop to Sheng xing station 勝興車站.

Heart shape~

Driver recommend us to have the ban tiao there. It taste quite good and chewy.
After which we also tried the toilet bowl ice cream.

Second stop to Cow ranch 苗栗通霄飛牛牧場.
Admission fees is required here.

Top right is malt milk which is given free from the ranch. This milk is super delicious! Must bring back in bulk!!! HAHAHHAHAH! I think can't, it will sure spoil.

Third stop to San xia old street 三峡老街.

Their rubbish car whereby each family will come out to throw their litter.
Residents have to wait there for the truck to come with that classic music and then beforehand they had to separate their rubbish and give to the correct truck. One is for recycling and one is for normal rubbish.
Count our bless that we have rubbish chute inside or just outside our house.

Fourth stop to our Owl Airbnb.

That's all for day 7~ Good night~

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