Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taiwan Aug 2015 - 24 Aug - Day 8

Day 8. 
We had a nice view from outside our Airbnb. 

First stop to Taiwan MacDonald.
I still prefer SG ones. SG egg and patty taste better. Pancakes back in SG are also more moist.

Second stop to Taipei zoo 台北动物园.
Super cheap admission fees but most of the animals are sleeping anyway~ I guess because the weather there is super hot.

Third stop to Mao kong cable car 猫空 and we went for the crystal cabin.
So super cool and nice~

Sausage always taste super delicious!!!

Travelling back down.

Fourth stop to Xi men ding 西门町.
And a cup of Starbucks to complete the trip.
Till now, I have ate 2-3 different lu rou fan and I still don't know why locals find it so charming.
Maybe I had not taste the best yet. Next trip then~

That's all for day 8~ Good night~

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