Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Japan 2016 | Osaka - 29 Mar - Day 3

Itinerary: Owl cafe > Osaka temmangu shrine > Osaka castle > Osaka pokemon center > Dotonbori

First stop: Manneken belgian waffles
This is at our Airbnb train station - Kyobashi station

Waffles for breakfast!!! They taste so great!!!

I had the green tea flavour one. So yummy~ 

Waiting for train to go Owl cafe~

First stop: Family owl cafe
We reached 30 minutes before the opening time and knocked on the door for reservation first.
After which then we roam around and return around the opening time.

Due to time constraint, we couldn't squeeze in a Daruma temple into our itinerary. Next time I shall explore one.

Chanced upon some pretty daisies~

We are in the cafe~ First they will give a briefing, followed by choosing a complimentary drink and then you can move on to interact with the owls.

Flowers always bloom so beautifully in cold countries~

Second stop: Osaka temmangu shrine
We didn't had this planned in our trip. We were attracted by the pretty sakura flowers. So we enter into the shrine and discovered more sakura and explore around the shrine.

After which we went for lunch at a random udon shop. Only saw locals in the shop, so we were experiencing locals life. Yeah!

 You get to choose some side dish to match.

Saw some super big, fresh and red strawberries in the market. But they were expensive!

We saw so many people queuing for this and we don't know what it is. We didn't queue because we were quite full from the udon noodles.

Third stop: Osaka castle
We didn't enter the castle because there was an admission fees and we think it is not worth it to enter to see some museum ancient stuff thing. So we decided to sit under the not fully bloomed sakura trees and chill the day away.

 Would love to picnic here too~

 So we decided to sit here and chill out~

 Love their nicely bloomed flowers~

 Matcha and peach ice cream on a cold cold day is life~

 They have really huge and loud crows there. As huge as eagle!

When we left, we saw youngsters playing 1,2,3 wooden man game. XD

Fourth stop: Osaka pokemon center

 Love these pastel color ones~

When we left the mall, we saw some weird food, not sure what are these~

Fifth stop: Dotonbori for dinner
 Looking at the working crowd gushing through us. They walk really fast and they look very hostile also.

Tried this as recommended by 时尚玩家.

Due to communication breakdown, we were not sure about the bottom takoyaki. Look unique and interesting.

Unable to rotate the photo. :( This taste very good. Yum!

See look and daydream.

 Went to tried this gyoza because there is a queue! Taste very good!

We also tried roasted dango. Warm, sweet and chewy~

 Charcoal roasted dango~

 Saw this but we were too full to try.
The next day we went back, we couldn't find this shop. SAD! :(

Then later we went to have a walk around arcade and saw tsum tsum machine. Didn't know how to play because the instructions were in Jap. So we can only wait for other people to play.

Back in our aribnb to snack and drink! XD

String cheese, white grape beer, rum and raisin ice cream! LOVE!

That's all for day 3~

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