Thursday, July 07, 2016

Japan 2016 | Kyoto - 30 Mar - Day 4

Itinerary: Kyoto > Random shrine > Ninenzaka > Sannenzaka > Kiyomizudera temple > Yasaka shrine > Dotonbori

First stop: Duck soba breakfast at Kyobashi station

 Very thoughtful of the shop owner to have hooks before our standing table to hold our bags.

 Everything look so yummy and tasty!

 BFF order.

I ordered duck soba soup. Taste super good on a cold weather.

Second stop: Ninenzaka, Sannenzaka and Kiyomizudera temple
After which we travel all the way from Osaka to Kyoto.

Captain went for checking, so the train become driverless.

Reached Kyoto!

Super pretty! I want to fold colorful cranes too!

 Pretty kimono~

Pretty sakura along the way.

Chance upon a random shrine and so we went in to explore around.

Too pretty that I can't resist throwing in here many many of their photos.

Climb under this ??? for good luck in love life.

 Cute cute stuff~

Nice pond just right in front of their shop.

People mountain people sea~

Korean mummies~

Eating Manneken waffles under the pink sakura is love!

After that we had ice cream while walking out.
I think I had sakura and matcha soft serve. Yum!

Fishcake! Look special and delicious! It tastes just like our fishcake.

Many korean visiting this coffee shop.

Third stop: Yasaka shrine
After which we slowly stroll to Yasaka shrine.

They have different timing to sway the lanterns.

Had 2 divine readings and both were good!

How I wish I can enter the tent to do a reading.

Beauty water~

 Lots of pretty candies~

Fourth stop: Random dinnering

 Super big crows flying around.

Their double deck train is so cool!

Traveled over to Dotonbori for dinner. Wanted to eat the meat covered the bowl ramen but couldn't find it. So we pop by this random shop because it look super cheap.

And we were went crazy because one ticket comes with an omelette chicken rice and soba noodles.
Seriously eat die us man!

After which we went back to our airbnb for supper.
 Okonomiyaki. Taste so so because this is located just below our airbnb area.


Krispy kreme celebrating Easter day~

Ending the day with grapes beer. Super shiok!

That's all for day 4~

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