Friday, July 08, 2016

Japan 2016 | Kyoto - 31 Mar - Day 5

Itinerary: Kyoto > Kyoto inn > Philosopher’s path > Kyoto inn

Finally it is our last day stay in this airbnb.

Bought ourselves some delicious, simple and cheap breakfast from 7-11.

Yum! Love their tamago~

Took the train to our next stay place; Kyoto Inn!!!
Because it is expensive so we only stayed for one night~

Love the colorful blooming flowers there~

We were too early for out check in so we placed our baggage in the Inn and continue on our itinerary.

Next stop: Nijo-jo castle
We came here but because there was an admission fee so we didn't enter. We wanna keep our trip budget low low low~ We rather spend on food or come back again and explore more places.

Spotted one super cute japan baby~

 Cherry blossoms that were not yet bloom. However I really love their blue sky there. Super calming~

 Past by a pretty nice stream. I think I can sit there all day long to watch the water flow past. A picnic beside it would be perfect.

First stop: Philosopher's walk under sakura trees

Having our lunch from 7-11 surrounded by cherry blossoms~ Love their bento be it from 7-11. They just taste so damn good. Especially the tamago. I really miss it now.

A whole long trail of cherry blossoms!!!

Having fun and snacking under the cherry blossoms~

Due to the cold weather, we are wrap in layers of black everyday.

Second stop: Kyoto inn
We have to change our shoes right from the entrance.
We didn't dare to proceed down to the onsen as it is public kind and we didn't know how to go about doing so. Next time must bring out the courage to try.

Love the smell of the tatami floor.

Having fun in the yukata before our dinner.

Complimentary yummy snacks provided.

They provide premium green tea powder to make really good and fragrant green tea.

 Really love the elaborated dinner!

After dinner, near sleeping time, the staff came to set the beddings. Super pretty~

That's all for day 5.

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