Saturday, July 09, 2016

Japan 2016 | Tokyo - 1 Apr - Day 6

Itinerary: Kyoto station > Shinkansen to Tokyo > Airbnb > Calico cat cafe > Shinjuku

Breakfast is the inn is so super luxury and pretty.

 Checking out of the Kyoto Inn~

First stop: Kyoto station + Shinkansen
Number 1 big piece of meat de ramen at Kyoto station. Super super good!

After lunch, we went around to explore Kyoto station.

Their handrail is so pretty~

Saw super pretty looking bento but didn't buy one to try. Awhhh~ Next time...

 Waiting to enter Shinkansen.

Bought a warm yuzu tea in a cute little bottle from the vending machine because the weather is simply very cold.

 Love that they have these charging ports but we don't need at that moment.

Window view when I am back from the loo. We didn't get window seating cause we booked free seating.

Saw these cool looking eco premium grassy phone casing. But they were real expensive.

Second stop: Tokyo airbnb
Everyday we will need to pass by this cherry blossom tree to get to our Airbnb from the train station.

Our airbnb, this can stay 6 different group of 2 people. Luckily we gotten the lower floor if not we have to carry our super heavy luggage up all by ourselves. I will die seriously...

I really love door like that, semi transparent. You can view outside but outside can't view in.

Passed by other people house and spotted blooming flowers. Only in cold weather countries, the flowers bloom very prettily. Can't see this in SG. :(

Third stop: Calico cat cafe
Spamming of cat photos below. Really hard to decide which to show and which to delete. >.<

 Goes to people who got food.

 Asking for food politely~

 Cute little neat paws.

 Why so sad?

 So cute!!!


Dinner time!
Fourth stop: Shinjuku curry tonkatsu
We were queuing for in the cold wind, we were almost freezing but it taste really good.

Really taste super good~
After which we went back our airbnb to rest.

That's all for day 6.

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