Sunday, July 10, 2016

Japan 2016 | Tokyo - 2 Apr - Day 7

Itinerary: Kawatsura strawberry farm > Tokyo station > Rokurinsha ramen > HARBS cafe

Ate a simple and cheap breakfast and it tastes amazing!

First stop: Kawatsura strawberry farm
 Empty train to strawberry farm even on a saturday.

Roofless train station. It was super cold and windy. Want to find place to hide from the wind also don't have.

Taxi ride to the strawberry farm.

Finally reached. I can say the journey from our airbnb to the strawberry farm is the most toughest throughout the whole trip.

And there we reached and we are here for the strawberry buffet!!!

We eat rest eat rest and repeat. This is for our breakfast and lunch. Yum!!!

 Love flowers.
 Love daisies!

Love cat!!! 

 Saw cute ducks.
2 levels in a train. Wow!

Second stop: Tokyo station
We went to have this famous ramen as recommended by popular show.
Once again long queue~

 Love that the line was clear and got state timing.

Tokyo ramen street. Next time will drop by to try others.

Taste really good. Yum!

Third stop: HARBS cafe
 Spotted cute things on the street.

Went to HARBS cafe for dessert as recommended by popular tv show again~

 Ambience was really good.

I had this and it taste quite good! Yum!

That's all for day 7.

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