Monday, July 11, 2016

Japan 2016 | Tokyo - 3 Apr - Day 8

Itinerary: Meiji shrine > Dog heart cafe > Ueno park > Shibuya uobei sushi

For breakfast, we had cheap yet delicious onigiri again. That time I did made a comment saying that I can eat this everyday. Hahah! Because they are simply too delicious!

First stop: Meiji shrine

 Misty and cold~

 A good place for picnic around the greenery.

 We were lucky to be there to witness a Japanese traditional wedding.

On the way to dog cafe~
 Smiley dog on the street.

Love walking along the local neighborhood.

Second stop: Dog heart cafe

A poodle suddenly came onto my lap. First time and I am shocked cause I never handle dog before. I am like asking bff: What should I do???

After which we left the dog cafe and explore more into the neighbourhood and spotted pretty cherry blossoms and go crazy again.


Third stop: Ueno park
We came here to buy snacks!

 Our damage!
 We had this for early dinner.
 Love the many stuffs on their table. Japanese are generous with their condiments unlike SG. Japanese ensure you eat well while SG more concern on keeping their profit high.

 Our dinner.

 That look good!

Fourth stop: Shibuya uobei sushi
 Their casino I guess?

 Vibrant street lights!

 Super long queue again!

 I miss the freshness of sushi here!!!

 This tamago is the best I ever tasted!!! Warm and fluffy tamago!

 Best also!

 Everything is super nice here!!!

Shibuya street crossing.

That's all for day 8.

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