Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Japan 2016 | Tokyo - 4 Apr - Day 9

Itinerary: Tsukiji fish market > Starbucks > Azabujuban Taiyaki > Ikebukuro mutekiya ramen

 Wow! Nice~

First stop: Tsukiji fish market

 Huge fish head!

My favourite wasabi!!! 

 This taste really good! Crunchy, crispy and sweet.

 Love their tamago!

Time for brunch! Saw this wooden bucket rice bowl on popular tv show and it look really tasty. After tasting it is really super tasty and I am craving for it now!!! Must try!!!

 Please go for this!

 3 steps of eating it and the server there will help you to perform the 3 steps. Yum max!!!

 First step.

 Second step.

 Last step.
Super super duper good!!!

After which we explore around for some more snacks!

 Grilled unagi and scallops.

 Grilled scallops! This look and taste good!

 Yum Yum!

 Spotted a pretty dandelion while waiting for the traffic light.

Amazingly pretty!

Second stop: Ginza station starbucks

 Mine! Taste super good!!! And there is cute drawings by the staff.


Super long train station track.

Third stop: Azabujuban station Taiyaki
 We explore around Azabujuban station first. The neighborhood is really pretty.

 Spotted another smiley dog~

 This is recommended by popular tv show also. Ordered 2 taiyaki to try. Need wait for 30 minutes I think. Should have mass buy back SG.
 He is really super friendly, he insist to ask a stranger to help us take below photo.

 While waiting, we spotted cute ones.

 Finally the wait is over. Yum!!!

Fourth stop: Ikebukuro mutekiya ramen
We spent 30-45 minutes queuing in the windy cold for this ramen as recommended by popular tv show.

 The queue extended till opposite the small road. Organised queue.

 That building I believe is KTV room with transparent window. So damn cool!

And it taste super good!!! The egg is so well made! Yum!

After which we went back to our airbnb with some snacks before sleeping.

Gift from pokemon center.

Time to pack because we are going back SG the next day. Sad~

That's all for day 9.

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