Thursday, March 02, 2017

Hong Kong 2017 | 19 Feb - Day 2

Itinerary: Australia dairy company > Times square > Tsim chai kee noodles > The peak > Kam wah cafe

 The hotel lift is transparent. So cool!

The malt vitasoy is super nice. Bought a few home to slowly drink.

First stop: Australia Dairy Company
Long queue as usual but the queue moved quite fast.

 Queue halfway if never pay attention will bump into this water hose that is so out of nowhere. HAHHAHA!

 Appreciating the old old structures of HK while queuing.

 Woooooo~ We are nearing~

We ordered breakfast set which was so so so filling~ And it really taste good. The macaroni is so different from SG ones.

Friend say to put sugar in the bread. Super nice~ Like as if put condensed milk like that.

And the must have is their almond and normal milk pudding. Super good! I will definitely come back again for this.  

They serve this silky milk tea after you finish all your food. Nice~ Love milk tea without any sugar.

After which we went shopping around Times square with no photos taken.

Next stop: Tsim chai kee noodles
Randomly walk past this shop and give it a try. Super not nice. I am not sure if the beef balls don't taste good or I am having my dinner too late which result in low appetite and food don't taste good. Anyway Mak's noodles is just opposite. We should have gone there instead.

 Mak's noodle is just opposite.

Next stop: The peak
 The massive disorganized crowd pushing to queue for the tram ride up the peak. Encountered many ugly foreigners.

 Waiting for the tram.

 The tram ride up quite shiok because it is very steep. Got some thrilling feeling.

 The peak is quite pretty but super cold. Encountered many ugly ill mannered koreans. Pretty but ugly.

 Travelling back down.


Next stop: Kam wah cafe

 Mmmm... cause we came here quite late around 11-12am. Their famous polo bun and egg tarts were sold out long long time ago. So we had their pork burger and their award winning toast, Toast paired with malt is love!

That's all for day 2.

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