Friday, March 03, 2017

Hong Kong 2017 | 20 Feb - Day 3

Itinerary: Capital cafe > Disneyland > Citygate shopping mall > Ichiran ramen causeway bay branch > Supermarket > Tsui wah restaurant

First stop: Capital cafe

 Had a good breakfast here. All cafe breakfast set like standard and same same de.

Next stop: Disneyland

 So cute!

 Love the pastel colours!

 Love these lavender purple benches!

 Lavender purple water hose! So pretty!

 Greeted by the beautiful sunset!

I am just too lazy to crop left person out. HAHAH!

Skipped lunch so we were extremely super hungry! But before that we went to Citygate shopping mall for some sports outlet shopping. Actually nothing much there.

 Next stop: Ichiran ramen causeway bay branch
 Love these privacy seats!

After late dinner, we went to the supermarket just nearby Tsim wah restaurant for some snacks shopping.

 Spotted a pretty looking cafe.

Next stop: Tsui wah restaurant
 Their teacups are so cute!!! I thought it was only for display.

 So cute!!!
I feel the food here taste so so only. 

That's all for day 3. 

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