Saturday, March 04, 2017

What I did in February 2017 | Fishing

The biggest event probably is my HK trip.

Other than that, I went on a few fishing trips at Bedok Jetty. But my biggest job there was to feed bread to the small fishes only. Very few moment that I get to hold the rod cause there was only one rod. Quite fun thou to see the different types of fishes and to feed them to the cats. There was once we got stuck in the heavy rain at the shelter getting drizzled by the rain. And of course after the rain, the caught was really bad cause the fishes went to sleep.

Before my HK trip, I was struck with hive rashes. The last time I had hive rashes was in primary school. The itchness and heat produced was so annoying and it looks really ugly. Family GP wasn't helping much. I think my workplace GP gave me more efficient medications EVERYTIME. Everytime I had to do a repeat consultation at my workplace GP after seeing my family GP.

Good bye February 2017.

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