Saturday, March 04, 2017

Hong Kong 2017 | 21 Feb - Day 4

Itinerary: Kam wah cafe > Ocean park > Yat Lok Goose Restaurant > Ladies Market > One dim sum

First stop: Maxim bakery
Actually we didn't plan to come here but we just passed by and my friends commented that their bakes stuff are nice. I bought some honey and milk cakes, and they taste super good!!!
Make the most of today! Be yourself!
So inspiring!

Next stop: Kam wah cafe
Love their everything here! I will definitely come back here for my meals!
 Come early, best in the morning because by evening most things will sold out.

 Super good!
 The maggie with the vegetables super nice!!!

Next stop: Ocean park
This park is very fun but somehow it gave me a super creepy feeling. I can imagine things come alive at night.


 This look and feel like genting.

 Waiting for something to happen: a moment of power~

Inconsiderate foreigners using flash. They should station one staff there to look after the giant octopus.

 Purple starfish.

 My favourite daisies.

 Looking the panda. Don't know fierce what shit.

 Kpo non-stop about the panda...


 Wow that it looked into the camera when I checked it after that.

 Love the rustic vintage feel here.

 Lazy koala bear. Zzzzzzzzz.

 The fun rides area gave me a really spooky feeling!

 This is spooky!

 Nice view up the hill.

 Mini jellyfish!
 These look like stars!

 Saw this super duper ugly scary shark in the shark museum.

 Sleeping stingray~ Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

We took the cable car in drizzling windy weather. Quite thrilling when the wind is blowing hard. But I doubt the safety is good.

 Old school!

 I doubt the safety of the cable car too. When the wind is blowing, it is swinging very vigorously. Luckily there we were all safe.

 This is pretty romantic~

 Purple daisies~

 Look good and healthy!

Next stop: Yat lok goose restaurant

A plate of goose drumstick cost around $20SGD. Super expensive but worth trying once.

Next stop: Ladies market
Nothing much there but bought the egglets and it tastes super good!!! Craving for it now~

 Next stop: One dim sum
Must come here for dim sum! Taste super good! We went at around 12am, many things were sold out so please come early ya~
 Must eat!

Super big and fresh prawns!

 Beef balls, taste super good!

Chee cheong fun wrap you tiao! This is super super super good!!! 

That's all for day 4. 

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